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>yes, the G is only for the 7th letter of the alphabet since G-Saviour is
>7th ms that developer Jon Saviour made (pretty gay explanation for the name
>imho). However, from the plot summary, it does look like it's the same UC
>(not to mention it's on the official list in www.gundam.channel.or.jp )....
>only that it's on Side 8 (wherever that maybe), and also that there is
>mention of Gaia. But I have not read the Gaia Gear novels yet nor have I
>seen the movie. But even the MS designs seem to be rooted from F91 an V
>(verniers look alike).

The Gaia reference in G Savior most certainly does NOT refer to Gaia Gear. I
think its a planet or colony or something.. been a while since I read the

The political climate is also drastically different than that of Gaia Gear..
I find it hard to believe that such a difference is possible in a short span
of less than 15 years if indeed the UC is the same UC in the Gundam

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