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>got together with some gundam freaks yesterday and
>richie was talking about the 0083 characters and info
>gleaned for rpg sources -- how south burning was a
>veteran 0079 gm pilot (!), and how bernard monsha was
>actually a good pilot (as revealed by rpg stats,
>though not reflected in the show itself).

got this info from an old frined who had seen what he described as a gundam
module for an rpg game. it was in japanese, or most of it anyway.

Info I got there was that Burning was involved in 0079 as a GM Pilot. anyone
lucky enough to survive as a GM pilot is definitely good. Then we have Monsha
and crew. they are good, according to my friend. they do a nice combination
of close, medium and longrange shooting. Monsha seemes to be the medium range
guy. he was also known for being a real nasty guy in battle.

>stoopid kwistchin #2. what's mekton z got to do with
>gundam, if anything?

Garrick: most of the ideas there for mecha usage seem to be taken from a lot
of anime shows...

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