garrick lee (
Sun, 4 Jun 2000 22:35:07 -0700 (PDT)

how are the rpg stats for all the gundam characters?
(if anyone cares to list them all...for this
should-be-busy-but-is-really-bored fellow).

got together with some gundam freaks yesterday and
richie was talking about the 0083 characters and info
gleaned for rpg sources -- how south burning was a
veteran 0079 gm pilot (!), and how bernard monsha was
actually a good pilot (as revealed by rpg stats,
though not reflected in the show itself).

i'm really curious about the rest of the gundam
characters -- one year war, zeta, 0080, 8th MS....
what do the stats tell about them? (are those stats
revealed from the playstation games or from rpg

stoopid kwistchin #2. what's mekton z got to do with
gundam, if anything?

stoopid kwistchin #3. will those gundam rpg books
ever get translated?


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