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<< I really love those Gashapon Gundams, especially the SD ones. It all
 sometime in '98 when I chanced upon a Gashapon vendoring machine that was
 dispensing stage 1 of the SD Gundam.
 Slot in a coin, turn the knob and out pops a capsule with my first SD
 Gashapon, Char's Zaku II. I've been hooked since then ...
 However, it is very frustrating to build your Gashapon collection solely
 the vending machines. It's nearly impossible to get the complete set of each
 stage without getting lots of extras. Case in hand, I've got six extra Geara
 Doga of stage 15 while I still short of the Jadg Doga. Hair tearing
 I must say.
 Does anybody else collect them from the Gashapon machines? How about a swap
 extras? >>

  How are these little SD Gashapon figures? I am thinking about getting some,
but am not too sure about them. What extras do you have?


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