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Edward Ju wrote:

> The story takes place concurrently with Gundam Wing in A.C. 0195. at an
> industrial colony called MO-V (the base of operations for Treize's space force
> in the final battle against Zechs/White Fang towards the end was MO-II, IIRC),
> which has been developing the G-Unit in secret.
> The G-Unit was conceived with the versatility of mission-specific modules as
> its key feature, basically an AC-equivalent of the F-90. A PX System-equipped
> G-Unit is also capable of overdrive performance similar to the Zero System.
> As MO-V joins OZ during the "lliberation" of space colonies from the "earth
> sphere alliance", a faction of OZ called Prize was sent by Romefeller to
> destroy G-Unit. Thus was the stage set for a story of treachery, sibling
> rivalry, asteroid drop, political intrigue, and high tech race. The story
> is full of Gundam vs. Gundam combat action like 0083, plus transforming Gundams
> and constant upgrades.

So where were Heero and the gang in this series?
they should know about these "gundams" hiding in the shadows... besides, a asteriod
can't be ignored just like that...

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