Sid JTD (
Sun, 04 Jun 2000 18:27:08 EST

Like the subject says, do you know where I can buy, get them?
I would like to get the Funny, gag SD gundams, not the Knight Gundams.
They do not have to be subtitled, in fact I dont want them subtitled (^_^)

If anyone knows where to get them or has them and are wiling to give them
away, please write to

Sorry about the messiness in writing, but its the first time Im using this
Gundam EMail thingy. Thanx! (for those who are generous in sharing
information, Ill prepare my copy of STARWARS vs GUNDAM
which Im planning to finish by the end of the summer and sell at a Anime
convention soon.....hehe, Im only done with 3 pages thou..)

anyway thats all, thanks, and I hope to hear from you guys! Gwahahahaha

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