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> Hi there. New to the list. I wanted to ask if anyone knows whether
>or not all the episodes of Zeta have been or are being fansubbed. Which
>ones are available now and who's the best distributor to get them
>from? Looking around at a glance, it seems as if the first 20 eps are out
>there and then a few of the later ones sporadically. Any info would be
>very much appreciated.

Due to their illicit nature and recent laws that make the ISP liable for
posted material, discussion of fansubs is strongly discouraged here.

That being said, you can find an awful lot of stuff (or a lot of awful
stuff!) simply by using the search engines built into your Web browser or
using AOL keywords. Try using "Z Gundam" and "fansub" together, for instance.

I don't suppose it would hurt to relate the commonly held knowledge that
episodes 1 to 24 and 31 to 38 have been subtitled by fans, who have also
posted the scripts for same, and that these two blocks are the work of two
completely independent and unaffiliated groups, of which Lupin Gang Anime
(LGA) is by far the better.


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