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One question, is this kit supposed to be able to form the non-sentinel

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> << I still don't understand why they didn't make this kit transformable
> though.
> If the original MG ZZ had those "PLEASE PUT ARMOUR INTO ME" slots, why
> didn't they just make a box of armour separate for people to buy (or
> yet, do both!!)
> >>
> Come on this is recycle-molds-until-you-are-blue-in-the-face-BANDAI. They
> want to scam as much money as possible. I mean why did they need to
> the Super Gundam when they could've just sold the G-Defensor? I am sure
> people would've bought the G Defensor on it's own. Bandai new they could
> make more money buy making you buy the kit twice. Also IIRC the FAZZ was
> supposed to be non transformable. If they left the transformation parts
> it would be even more off-continuity then the already added head vulcans.
> Also I must admit that if they put i a more solid core block, the thing
> be able to stay together without falling apart ala MG GP-01.
> Jason
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