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>How many opening & ending theme songs are there in Turn A Gundam?

Four -- two of each, one for each season.

OP1 = Turn A Turn, sung by Hideki Saijo
ED1 = Aura, sung by Shinji Tanimura
OP2 = Century Color
ED2 = Moon's Cocoon

Turn A Gundam breaks with conventionality in that the OP/ED themes are only
available as individual CD singles (CD-S) and are not included on the three
OST albums, which are exclusively BGM and image songs by Yoko Kanno.

> Is it a
>tradition to change theme songs in the gundam anime series?

Yes, it's a tradition, but it's not exclusive to Gundam. Just as it's an
anime tradition to have different opening and closing themes, one in effect
to welcome the viewer and the other a sort of "good night" song, so there
is a tradition of having different openings and closings, replete with
their own themes, for each season.

This season is 26 weeks or half a year and most shows don't make it all the
way through a second season. Gundam, for example, ran 43 weeks -- nine shy
of the mark. In fact, none of the Gundam series has made it all the way,
except on a technicality: the combined count for Gundam Wing (49) and
Endless Waltz (3) is 52, but our one hope of achieving that count was blown
when Cartoon Network failed to bundle them together.

V Gundam ran 51 episodes, one shy of the magic number. Z Gundam and Turn A
Gundam are tied for second place at 50, G Gundam and Gundam Wing are tied
for third with 49, Gundam ZZ is fourth with 47, and Gundam X is a
snivelling fifth with 39.


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