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>Come on this is recycle-molds-until-you-are-blue-in-the-face-BANDAI. They
>want to scam as much money as possible. I mean why did they need to release
>the Super Gundam when they could've just sold the G-Defensor? I am sure
>people would've bought the G Defensor on it's own. Bandai new they could
>make more money buy making you buy the kit twice. Also IIRC the FAZZ was
>supposed to be non transformable. If they left the transformation parts in
>it would be even more off-continuity then the already added head vulcans.
>Also I must admit that if they put i a more solid core block, the thing
>be able to stay together without falling apart ala MG GP-01.

hmmm...well, there are other examples of this recycle thing from other
recent lines:

Gundam X:

the Gundam X and XDivider
The Leopard and Leopard Destroied (sic)
The Airmaster and Airmaster Burst
The Gundam XX and XX w/G-Falcon

These involved some part changes, but the basic thing was the same.
X kits were aso notorious in that the 1/100 kits had extra weapons.
spectacularly so in the case of the stand alone XX as compared to the
G-Falcon. Not to mention the G-falcon could plug-in to the Burst and

The G Gundam Series:

The Shining and Rising gundam both have the same body but in swapped
colors, differing only in weaponry.

There are others, but these examples are the most annoying for me.

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