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Sun, 4 Jun 2000 13:18:17 -0400

I'm curious as to what other roles the Japanese and American voice actors for Gundam have appeared in.
A few off the top of my head:
The guy who played Amuro in the Japanese version, played Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon.
Brian Drummond, the NA VA of Zechs also played the first Vegeta Voice in Dragonball Z.
In another, related note, the Japanese actor for Vegeta is the same as Kou Uraki.
Interestingly, the guys who play Al, Telcot, and the girl in the dub of 0080 also show up as the kids in the Lain dub.
The American voice of Delaz plays the servant of Cagliostro in Castle Of Cagliostro, and Cagliostro's voice is done by the American voice of Gato!
Wendee Lee, who does Christina Mckenzie, has done a lot of stuff. She's Tenchi Muyo's latest Kiyone, Faye Valentine, and Was Vanessa in Robotech.
Duo's voice, Scott Mcneil did Picollo and Nappa on Dragonball Z, as well as various Ranma 1/2 characters, as well as the andryogonous space captain in Project A-ko.
Quatre's Japanese voice, Ai Orisaki, does Tenchi Muyo's! Ryoko.
The American VA of Nina also does Milly on Trigun, and Fujiko in Castle Of Cagliostro.
Sean Barker(Bernie) did Lupin III in Castle Of Cagliostro.

Any more people want to add?

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