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>> You can create the Tallgeese I, Tallgeese II as well as Tallgeese III with
>> the same kit(or so i heard) >>
>> Yeah, but how?
>The Endless Waltz 1/100 Tallgeese III model kit comes with parts for you
>to build it as either Tallgeese I, II or III.
>This is possible as there is only some slight differences between the
>three Tallgeese.

the kit has conversion parts as follows:

It has the original tallgeese head, the Treize variant, and the Endless
waltz version.

It has the side-shoulder mounted cannon that is used by versions I and II.
It also has the beam cannon used in Endless waltz.

It has two shields: The round shield used by Versions I and II, but to get
the Treize version, one must fill in the outlines of the eagle on the
shield. It also has a shield/heatwhip combination weapon for the left arm,
and this weapons combination is a modified copy of what the Epiyon has.

It has two shoulder plate-pairs: the original one and the Endless Waltz
version which has an extra curved plate of armor over the basic shoulder

Everything else is the same. The kit comes mostly in white, with
thrustpods and groin wrea...and a few other assorted colors.

I nearly forgot, it also has a two different pairs of vents for the chest.
minor difference only, but hey, I appreciate the attention to detail.

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