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>Does anyone here have the 1/100 Gold Sumo from Turn A Gundam? I'm thinking
>getting that, what are the pros and cons of it?

I can only speak for the TurnA.

The 1/100 Turn A kit is a marvel of engineering in the kit sense, inasmuch
as its construction is entirely different in some aspects from teh rest.
The pro of this is that the kit is basically easier to build than most of
the other 1/100 kits; it has a low part count, and comes basically in the
colors that it should be in. It is also a very poseable kit, having a
degree of freedom of movement that is among the best I've seen in the 1/100
range. It's also one of the tallest, easily a head taller than the
original 1/100 MG Rx-78 kit.

The cons are as follows: The face, the face, the face. It's a
revolutinary design, and it does make for a new concept for gundam, but the
moustache will be a very hard thing to get used to. I have personally only
begun to appreciate it because of the ffact that well, it is now an
official gundam. Other problems are more on construction. The knee joint,
while being stable, is also weak in the sense that the polycap construction
can't aeem to keep the leg in a good position for any amount of time.
while this can be remedied by white glue, the fact that one still has to do
this is a bad thing. The shield is also a bad design. It is always
hitting the edge of the shoulder plate. The gun is nice, but when one uses
the side internal stock grip, it looks awkward. The handle of the beam
saber is bulging outward, therefore there is a sort of negative effect on
the grip. finally, there is the problem of two of the vents on the
chest...these are swappable parts, but the clasp for them get's worn out

I still lvoe my Turn A, but then that's because I love collecting
gundams....the TurnA kit makes for a good assembled toy, but as a kit per
se? I prefer the MG's.

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