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<< I still don't understand why they didn't make this kit transformable
 If the original MG ZZ had those "PLEASE PUT ARMOUR INTO ME" slots, why
 didn't they just make a box of armour separate for people to buy (or better
 yet, do both!!)
Come on this is recycle-molds-until-you-are-blue-in-the-face-BANDAI. They
want to scam as much money as possible. I mean why did they need to release
the Super Gundam when they could've just sold the G-Defensor? I am sure
people would've bought the G Defensor on it's own. Bandai new they could
make more money buy making you buy the kit twice. Also IIRC the FAZZ was
supposed to be non transformable. If they left the transformation parts in
it would be even more off-continuity then the already added head vulcans.
Also I must admit that if they put i a more solid core block, the thing might
be able to stay together without falling apart ala MG GP-01.


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