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Are GX and G-next for the SNES?
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> >Has anybody played this game for the Super Famicom(Or Nintendo, if you
> prefer?). I can't >>
> >understand half the text, but it is an enjoyable game, despite a few
> Do Giren's Greed
> >or the G Generation Zero games play like this game?
> I don't play X anymore, but it's follow-ons GX and G-Next. Look for SD
> Gundam Century on the Playstation for a similar game... Giren's Greed is
> more of a strategic wargame.
> >There were some problems I had with this game: The enemy turns seem to
> forever,
> >especially when they have amassed a large army. Also, I'm a little
> about the choice of
> >MS in the game. The game was made in 1991 and therefore covers everything
> from the original to
> >F91. However, I was kind of dissiapointed that you could'nt play as the
> NT-1 Alex, which is
> >kind of weird since the Kampfer is in the game.
> Can't say in X, since it's been so long since I've played it (I got it
> in '91), but the NT-1 is in the later versions.
> - Vlad
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