Vladimir Len (vjlen@mindspring.com)
Sun, 4 Jun 2000 10:55:09 -0500

>Has anybody played this game for the Super Famicom(Or Nintendo, if you
prefer?). I can't >>
>understand half the text, but it is an enjoyable game, despite a few flaws.
Do Giren's Greed
>or the G Generation Zero games play like this game?

I don't play X anymore, but it's follow-ons GX and G-Next. Look for SD
Gundam Century on the Playstation for a similar game... Giren's Greed is
more of a strategic wargame.

>There were some problems I had with this game: The enemy turns seem to take
>especially when they have amassed a large army. Also, I'm a little curious
about the choice of
>MS in the game. The game was made in 1991 and therefore covers everything
from the original to
>F91. However, I was kind of dissiapointed that you could'nt play as the
NT-1 Alex, which is
>kind of weird since the Kampfer is in the game.

Can't say in X, since it's been so long since I've played it (I got it back
in '91), but the NT-1 is in the later versions.

- Vlad

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