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> > > Well, that still doesn't explain the Zaku III Custom in ZZ.
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> > No it sure doesn't. There were a lot of Newtype oddity in Z,
> ZZ, CCA, F91
> > and even V. In 0079, there were quite a bit of Amuro seeing things and
> > ghosts, which I kind of like. But in Z onward, the meaning of Newtype
> > seems to change many times. I especially have probelms with the
> > brain-frying stuffs. Anyway sorry I can't provide more insight. Just
> > registering my puzzlement along with you.
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> The thing that bugged me the most is that in ZZ, the Enhanced
> Humans (what's
> the general term you guys use to describe Kyouka Ningen?) were able to
> literally blow things up with brain waves (Masyuma just before he died).
> However, in Char's Counterattack, the Enhanced Humans in that movie were
> MUCH LESS powerful on a visual basis than in Z or ZZ. Then we have the
> Gundams that were protected by newtype powers ala barriers. But
> Seabrook's
> powers in F91 amounted to nothing compared to Z or ZZ (sheesh, those two
> made newtypes look like Super Saiyajin!!!)

Strengthen Human is the term. I've got the feeling that the process finally
got perfected to be applied in CCA. Strengthen Human in Zeta and ZZ are
without exception all went insane, which makes them both strong and somewhat
useless. The kind of Newtype power it takes to drive Psycho Gundam is nice,
but not when it has equal likehood of shooting at your own troop.

The lone Streghten Human in CCA Gyunei Gass is far less powerful then the
early version. He did have better mobile suit and better technology and
seemed sane for most of the movie (Char mention to him that with the amount
of money spend on research, he expects result).

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