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Sun, 4 Jun 2000 02:01:04 -0800

>........Because I started it. This is a Gundam list after all, and I'd
>rather not have noterioty for posting messages that have spun way out of
>control OT discussions. Next time I post an OT, It won't be as controversial
>as my last two have been. I just had some concerns with anime I wanted to
>share, but I think that it by now is drawing attention away from what this
>message board is intended for: Gundam.

Okay, but it was the direction of the replies and not the original
post that was the problem. Still, since the most important point
hasn't been raised I'll do it and we can be done...

In America, one noisy person is all it takes to bring companies to
their knees. And Japanese companies, "paranoid about anti-Japanese
sentiment?" seem very prone to back down at the first hint of
controversy. Example- Nintendo and the pokemon card with the Manji
(Buddist symbol that looks like a reversed swastika). This was a
Japanese-only card remember, not to be sold here--yet some kid gets
it, shows it to their parents, parents freak out, Nintendo pulls the
card--from the Japanese market! Ridiculous! Look, sure most of this
will never go anywhere, but I think it pays to at least be aware of

And what can be done to counter anti-gundam (or anime) sentiments?
The only positive thing I can think of is to drop a line to Bandai
america, or Cartoon network and let them know you like (or dislike)
what they are doing.


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