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<< I don't know what's good or bad about the 1/144 GP01. It's safe to assume
 it is technically the same or better than 0080 kits right? So why fix
 what is not broken? Of all the MG kits that could profittably be
 downscaled to HGUC, I don't think GP01 is the most urgently needed. The
 NT-1 and Kampfer, and many Z/ZZ/CCA kits should need an upgrade more than
 GP01? >>

  While I like the GP-01 a lot, I agree with you here. There's other designs,
especially the series you mention, that deserve HG UC kits. I have seen
pictures of the Z/ZZ/CCA kits and while the CCA look OK and the Z/ZZ look
kind of cheap, they all need better 1/144 kits.

  Maybe due to the US release of 0083 or more likely the Japanese DVD release
of 0083, Bandai decided they need new 0083 kits? I was surfing the web and
noticed that those "new" re release GW kits, came out about the same time as
the Japanese release of the first GW DVD. Could this be it? This makes sense
in a way.


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