Sun, 4 Jun 2000 02:02:18 EDT

> Ep 24. Black Trinary killed Matilda, Amuro cut Black Trinary down to
> Black Binary.
> I don't think this is in any of the 3 movies. I could be wrong.
> > 5-A GM tangles with Char's Z'gock, meets a nasty end as Char punches
> > through it.
> Ep. 29. First attack at Jaburo.
> Um, am not sure if this is in the movies or not.
> > 6-Guntank is continously firing at night. The Gouf is jumping around
> > the firefight.
> Ep. 12 (I think). Ranba Ral's debut.
> Am totally unsure about this one. Since its Ranba Ral's debut, then this
> probably in one of the movies. Character debuts are important.

All these are in the 2nd Movie Ai Senshi.....

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