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Chris Maier wrote:
> Could someone Identify these scenes from the original Gundam?

Sure! All scenes from Gundam TV series

> 1-Gundam is on some kind of platform, rises up, and air comes out of
> those yellow thingys in the chest. Zakus slide down a hill and attempt
> to fire on it, but to no avail. The Gundam lunges. I'm pretty sure

Episode 1. The first appearance of RX-78.

> 2-In a desert enviornment, The Gouf is whipping around at the
> Guncannon, which jumps around trying to avoid the whip, firing off
> shots.

Episode 16. Sayla took the Gundam, so it was Amuro in Guncannon facing
Ranba Ral in Gouf.

> 3-Doms(Black Trinary?) Move around on trippy background, slip around
> the Gundam and one of them spikes a midea-class transport with the
> redhead officer inside. The Midea collapses to the ground.

Ep 24. Black Trinary killed Matilda, Amuro cut Black Trinary down to
Black Binary.

> 4-Gog fights with Gundam underwater.

Ep. 26 (maybe wrong on this...)

> 5-A GM tangles with Char's Z'gock, meets a nasty end as Char punches
> through it.

Ep. 29. First attack at Jaburo.

> 6-Guntank is continously firing at night. The Gouf is jumping around
> the firefight.

Ep. 12 (I think). Ranba Ral's debut.

> 7-Gundam vs. Geloog in space. A core fighter buzzes around. Ends with
> the Gundam "Disarming" the Geloog.

Ep. 41. Sayla in G-Fighter (Corebooster in the movies), Char in Gelgoog.
In the next moment Lalah Sun will be killed by Amuro. This scene is
rather different in the movies too.

> 8-An Acguy hits some kind of reactor, then signals to Char's Z'gock
> and several Acguy. A snake sees them and freaks out in a very comic
> kind of way. The Acguys and the Z'gock jump off a cliff. Extremely

Hmm... I think this is Ep. 30. The second attack on Jaburo. Kind of
forgot how it goes in the movies, I think the movies skipped the first
attack. BTW, it's turret/scouting post not a reactor, and I personally
object to the spelling Z'gock as used on the HGUC kit.

In your list, #1, 3, 5, 7 are all very memorable scenes and are favorite
subjects for dioramas. Esp. #5, there must be 4 or 5 entries of this
diorama (using HGUC Zugock) in the Ora-Zaku contest. #3 and 7 are perhaps
the most tragic and memorable scenes in 0079. I still get the shivers
thinking about them.

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