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I used to use gundam markers for mini 4x4 cars (back in the day when
modifying 4x4 cars was bigger than RC cars!!!)... i was just going on to HS
and still didnt' know how to paint hehehe...

The markers tend to dry out and leave marks where you a) overlapped
b) put the tip DOWN and LIFT

Usually, you should avoid overlapping, but hey, it happens so naturally..
However, here's the best way to use markers (and it will get more expensive
than paint!)

First make sure your surface is primed in order for the Gundam Marker to
show up properly. Then, start with one type of stroke only. (i.e. One
direction, don't go back and forth). Wait till it dries. Then do a 2nd
coating overlapping IN A DIRECTION PERPENDICULAR to the 1st coating. This
will rid you of most of the marks. A third coating will wipe out about 70%
of unwanted pen marks on surfaces if you start your strokes at the edge
everytime.And for Gundam Marker, it looks better if you assemble first and
then take apart pieces by the joint imho. That way, you won't get a line of
extra heavy paint (in cases of other than white) where 2 pieces join.

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