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<< Are they like actual markers? Should they be applied to a kit when it's in
 seperate parts or when complete? Any precautions one should take with them?
 Can they be used to cover a wide area or just small details?
 I'm not big on painting myself, and I'm interested in these markers,
 particually since I am thinking of picking up a few FG kits to customize
 using my own personal color scheme....*dreams of armies of cheap, custom
 color scheme Gundams* >>

  Well, its hard to describe, but they work like markers, but instead of ink,
they use paint. They can be used for big areas, but they could show where the
marker point applied paint to the kit when it dries. I have never had to
paint a large area with them, but did try it on a scrap piece, that's how I
know how it will look. They work great on small details to medium details.
There are two types, one with a wide chisel type tip these have the biggest
variety of colors. The other is a thin tip used for panel lines, these come
in black, gray and I think brown. Here's a URL that has most of the colors:

  If I was serious about painting, then markers would not do. But for people
who dislike painting, like you and me, they are just fine, IMHO. There's
really no precaution I took. I just washed the runners in warm water and dish
washing liquid to remove I think its the mode release agent? This seems to
make paint and stickers stick a lot better. I think a primer coat would help,
but the markers, to my eyes, look fine without a primer coat. Did I answer
all your questions ok?


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