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Are they like actual markers? Should they be applied to a kit when it's in
seperate parts or when complete? Any precautions one should take with them?
Can they be used to cover a wide area or just small details?
I'm not big on painting myself, and I'm interested in these markers,
particually since I am thinking of picking up a few FG kits to customize
using my own personal color scheme....*dreams of armies of cheap, custom
color scheme Gundams*
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> For anyone that has the White Gundam Marker. Does anyone else's white
> market look like white out when its used? Mine sure does. Do they all do
> or did I just get a bad marker?
> If all white Gundam markers are like this, I suggest you don't buy it,
> it is not too nice looking on kits. It may work for battle damage, though.
> There may be certain times when the white marker has its uses, just
> figured out excatly what that use is! :)
> The other colors turn out very nice. These are great for peope who do
> like to paint.
> Aaron
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