Chris Maier (
Sat, 3 Jun 2000 23:55:12 -0400

I have some MOV files from the plastic Model kit encyclopedia that I'm wondering about...each seems to show off a different MS. Could anybody tell me from what point in the series these clips are from? Any help would be nice.

1-Gundam is on some kind of platform, rises up, and air comes out of those yellow thingys in the chest. Zakus slide down a hill and attempt to fire on it, but to no avail. The Gundam lunges. I'm pretty sure that this is from the first few episodes, since I've read the Kondo manga available from Viz and a similar thing is potrayed there.
2-In a desert enviornment, The Gouf is whipping around at the Guncannon, which jumps around trying to avoid the whip, firing off shots.
3-Doms(Black Trinary?) Move around on trippy background, slip around the Gundam and one of them spikes a midea-class transport with the redhead officer inside. The Midea collapses to the ground.
4-Gog fights with Gundam underwater.
5-A GM tangles with Char's Z'gock, meets a nasty end as Char punches through it.
6-Guntank is continously firing at night. The Gouf is jumping around the firefight.
7-Gundam vs. Geloog in space. A core fighter buzzes around. Ends with the Gundam "Disarming" the Geloog.
8-An Acguy hits some kind of reactor, then signals to Char's Z'gock and several Acguy. A snake sees them and freaks out in a very comic kind of way. The Acguys and the Z'gock jump off a cliff. Extremely cool music.

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