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well the X kits are kind of similar in Philosophy to Wing designs IE: Gundam
Leopard=Heavyarms, Airmaster=Wing.

Also Dragon gundam (as stupid as it is) from G is the ancestor of Shenlong and
Altron from wing. That might account for the popularity.

I kinda wish I'd bought a 1/100 Gundam Leopard Destroy (Destroid?)

---Brett Jensen

Edward Ju wrote:

> > Of all the sites I've come across looking for Gundam models, it seems
> >that while there is a lot of UC available, G, Wing, and X kits seem to be
> >selling out. Now, for Wing, this is no surprise, but I find it interesting
> >that fans are being drawn to the G and X kits. Maybe it's because of their
> >fanciful design- I know a group of GW fans who have taken up an interest
> >in G for this reason. Or it could just be their realitive newness, for
> >instance, the 08th MS team series is also selling well in America. It
> >just seems that HGUC and other UC kits seem to be sitting around while
> >the alternate universes, with the exception of Turn A, are sucessful. For
> >instance, I order GM command, God Gundam, Airmaster Burst and Gundam
> >Leopard Destroy from I did get the GMs,
> >but the others winded up on backorder, although they are not officially
> >"Out Of Stock".
> Heh, only a few years ago X kits were unsellable - stores basically had to
> do some kind of buy-2-get-1-free gimmick in order to get rid of them. I bet
> these store that got burnt didn't restock X kits when they finally got rid of
> whatever they were stuck with. From what I hear, G kits are also in abundance
> all over Asia.
> Eddie
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