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Robert Ludvig wrote:

> Thanks for posting this James, I am a fellow Christian who happens to like
> anime too. Ive been watching Gundam & macross for like 15 years now, and
> back when I was a preteen-teenager, boy did I have some arguments with
> fellow youth group members and youth group leaders over the "intent" of
> anime. Now that I am old and am an adult like my old Youth leader, he
> understands this whole thing better. The problem isnt with Christianity,
> it's with people generalizing. Christians are not dumb "Sheep", as someone
> has attested to on this ML,

Calm down man, I'm a christian too. ^_- I was just talking about those
particular churches that the people went to. you know, where the services sound
more like indoctrination. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was bashing the
religion as a whole.

> >Gundam at all. Would I encourage people to go to church, not really. Know
> >God yes, but conform to the hypocrisy, no.

I agree with this too.

---Brett Jensen

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