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<< Umm, wasn't this supposed to stay off of the list?

  Yes, it was, but I was blocked from e-mailing you privately, so in order to
try to make myself clear to you and clear up the misunderstanding with you,
I had to post it to the GML in order to reach you.

<< I had actually forgotten, I blocked you back about a month or two ago when
the only thing you were posting were mindless flames. unfortunately the
messages kept coming from messages kept coming from>>

  Well, when I or anyone else posted to this list, the message does come from I have never flamed you before now. I was not posting
nothing but mindless flames about you or anyone else a month or two ago.

<<NOW, what you should have done with this matter is say"Sedusa66, I can't
get thru to you to reply to you... Do you think you could check your mail

I would have, but since I did not know you had me blocked, I thought you said
what you wanted to say and then blocked me, because you didn't want to hear
me out. Its not my responseabitiy to keep track of who you have blocked.

 <<... My private email to you has no place on the list whatsoever. That is
why it was private. My comments were meant for you and you alone, not the
list. I consider your posting of private email to the ML a severe breach of
netiquette, but if you want to pursue your flame war with me in private, go
ahead. This has NO place on the list. I consider you ignorant, irritating,
offensive, and altogether lacking in intelligence.>>

I consider you the same way.

<< However I would have no reason to confront you on these issues in public.
Show some respect for the list. Grow up, Aaron, if we have a beef then let's
 try to work it out in private, not on this ML >>

I have no beef with you, was just trying to clear up matters with you.
If I knew you forgot to unblock me, I would have been a bit nicer and not
posted it to the GML.

I apologize to the GML if I caused any problems and hope to God this never
happens again. I consider the matter with Sedusa66 finished and do not intend
to deal with this matter any longer.


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