Sat, 3 Jun 2000 22:46:38 EDT

Umm, wasn't this supposed to stay off of the list? I had actually forgotten,
I blocked you back about a month or two ago when the only thing you were
posting were mindless flames. unfortunately the messages kept coming from NOW, what you should have done with this matter is say
"Sedusa66, I can't get thru to you to reply to you... Do you think you could
check your mail settings?" ... My private email to you has no place on the
list whatsoever. That is why it was private. My comments were meant for you
and you alone, not the list. I consider your posting of private email to the
ML a severe breach of netiquette, but if you want to pursue your flame war
with me in private, go ahead. This has NO place on the list. I consider you
ignorant, irritating, offensive, and altogether lacking in intelligence.
However I would have no reason to confront you on these issues in public.
Show some respect for the list. Grow up, Aaron, if we have a beef then let's
try to work it out in private, not on this ML

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