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As Eric said, today was Torcan 2000 (don't ask me what Torcan stands for).
Nice to finally meet him and his lovely wife Irene. At the last minute I
decided not to bring my models. It was a good move, sitting next to the
other models in the contest, my models would surely have caused serious
eye damage to the judges.

Unfortunately anime is a tiny minority. There were about 5 anime models
in the contest, with Eric contributing 3 (MG Z, GM-C and 1/24 Dog), the
others were a Gryphon Labor and a 3rd Angel. I didn't meet the maker of
those. There were a smattering of other SF models, but the majority were
military, planes and cars (many in Canadian themes). The details were
amazing, especially the 1/35 military stuffs. To be fair, Gunpla has
nothing on these. I haven't been to one of these con's for a long time
and seeing over 100 professional quality models from just around Toronto
area is very impressive. A sidenote: a surprising number of these contest
models were made from Dragon kits. It seems this HK manufacturer is
gaining the respect of serious modellers.

About 30 vendors, selling reference/photo books (mostly WW2), models,
detail sets, arts, display cases. Notably, there were 5 tables of private
persons liquidating their personal collections. Stories are pretty much
the same. Too many unbuilt kits, got more kits than can be built in a
lifetime, need the space etc etc. Their ex-treasure-now-junk is my
new-treasure-future-junk. Only 2 vendors with anime stuffs, about 20
boxes (mostly Wing kits) in all, pretty pathetic.

Being the cheap bastard that I am, I quickly dumped Eric and Irene and
went scouring for deals (read: damaged box). I got 5 1:72 kits (Su-22,
MiG-21, Seasprite, Comanche, and a Russian/Polish APC), the Su-22 and APC
are resin (my first!), a book called "Future Fighters" from 1984 (it reads
pretty funny now), some decals and two sets of photo-etch all for C$28.
Pretty incredible deal, but I have a sinking fear that I will end up
selling these for 25 cents each at Torcan 2020. :P

The photo-etch are for F/A-16 and Su-27... hoping to use them to convert
the 1/144 ZZ into a 1/600000 Colony-Crusher :) The APC may become the
08MST Hover Truck within the next 10-20 years. The Comanche may become
the 08MST Combat Heli within the next 5-15 years. (BTW, any military buff
can tell me what the current deal is with the Comanche? Has it been
canned yet?)

One last note, modelling is definitely dying. About 120 out of the 150
attendees are 40ish males. The standard prototype is white men with
pot-bellies and facial hair. There were about 6 kids, maybe 3 teenagers.
2 of them were young girls who were bored out of their minds.

Eric's models are beautiful, I think he will win a plague or 2, but I had
to leave before they announce the winners so I will let him tell you all
about it. I will try to convince him to show some pictures of his models
on NA.

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