Sat, 3 Jun 2000 22:00:17 EDT

This is the last I have to say on the matter and am VERY sorry for posting
this here. This is the only way I can clarify myself to Sedusa66, as he is
not accepting my reply by e-mail (he blocked me).

Sedusa66, Why do you have the guts to e-mail privately, but then block me
from replying to you privately? If you have the guts to e-mail me privately,
why do you not have the guts to accept my reply and hear me out? You wanted
to talk to me privately, but you won't allow me to reply back.

In a message dated 6/3/00 8:50:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Sedusa66 writes:

<< Satanists do not perform human sacrifices.>>

  I did not mean to say they did. I meant that would you still respect a
religion IF it involved human sacrifices? That type of thing most likely
hasn't been done for ages. Are you someone who doesn't read what I write?
Before you accuse someone of something, make sure to ask them exactly what
they meant, before you say they(me) are bad mouthing something.

<< In this day and age everyone should know that. Do a little research
before you shoot your mouth off, ok?>>

I don't want do, because I disagree with it and don't want to get involved in
it. If you are worried about misconceptions of Satan worshiping, them please
correct the misconceptions for me, I will listen.

<< How would the christians have liked it if I had said "Yeah, I think you
should respect everyone's beliefs... except christians :)">>

  Guess what? The above does not bother me a single bit. When a smiley is
used, I take it for good hearted bantering, not matter the content. But, if
some uses a smiley in one posting, for every rude comment, then it would
bother me. I believe in God, but I do not belong to a religious sect, as I
haven't had the time to choose a sect that suits me and because I do not want
to be in a sect, as sects exclude certain beliefs, probably.

  <<The smiley doesn't excuse the offensiveness of the comment. Maybe you
should look into the way that satanists treat animals and children, and then
compare it to the widespread abuse of young minds by fundamentalists "in the
name of god". I don't go around badmouthing your religion, and I'd
appreciate it if you showed the same respect for mine. >>

  Do you worship Satan? If yes, then that's fine and If not, why are you so
defensive of them? Hey, fundamentalists give good Christians a bad name.
Every religion has its bad apples, so to speak. I did think of myself as a
Christians, but there's some things I disagree with. Did you know instead of
teaching about God, some Churches make you fear God, if you do not worship
God the way the preacher preaches you to?

  I did not intend to bad mouth your religion, I was just talking about
respect and tolerances of other religions. I don't even know what religion
you are and I did not ask, because you can worship how you want and its none
of my business. There's always someone who gets offended by others
unintentionally hurtful comments. No one can watch everything they say 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. One can drive themselves insane worrying about
what others think of ones words and actions.


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