Chris Beilby (
Sun, 04 Jun 2000 01:46:39 GMT

>Yeah, I don't think Viz would would have two manga companies, one totally
>awesome one and one crappy-as-hell one.
> Personally, I think Mixx is caught up too much in the pop culture
>of things, and need to start listening to the fans. I really hope things
>improve before long, I don't want to see further Gundam manga stories
>wrecked by sloppy translations.
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> > Chris Beilby writes,
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> > >Gundam 0079 is pretty good as a translation. Note however that Mixx is
> > >subsidiary of Viz...
> >
> > Um, maybe in some parallel universe. Not in this reality, though.
> >
> > -- Mark

Well, as usual, I am always willing to admit when I am mistaken, as I am
here. And I do agree about the general quality of Mixx's translations (The
literal translation of Usagi in BS:SM? The DiC names would have been
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