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> Rodrick Su wrote:
> > > I think in the case of Psycho Gundam, it's the I-field generator.
> > Ok, so she convert the Minovski Lift system into a temporary I-Field
> > Barrier.
> Hmm... just checked Mecha Domain, no listing of I-field for either Psycho
> Gundam or Psycho Gundam 2. But from my impression of the anime, I've
> always assumed an I-field is standard on these two lumbering giants.
> Converting a lift field into a temporary barrier just sounds too weird.
> But, what do i know? :)

Actually I-Field Barrier System is completely different from Minovski Lift
System. Psycho Gundam Mk. II has the lift system and a limited I-Field
deflector bits. The only mobile suit to support a completely enclosing IBS
is Quinn Mantha of ZZ.

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