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Rodrick Su wrote:
> > I think in the case of Psycho Gundam, it's the I-field generator.
> Ok, so she convert the Minovski Lift system into a temporary I-Field
> Barrier.

Hmm... just checked Mecha Domain, no listing of I-field for either Psycho
Gundam or Psycho Gundam 2. But from my impression of the anime, I've
always assumed an I-field is standard on these two lumbering giants.
Converting a lift field into a temporary barrier just sounds too weird.
But, what do i know? :)

> Well, that still doesn't explain the Zaku III Custom in ZZ.

No it sure doesn't. There were a lot of Newtype oddity in Z, ZZ, CCA, F91
and even V. In 0079, there were quite a bit of Amuro seeing things and
ghosts, which I kind of like. But in Z onward, the meaning of Newtype
seems to change many times. I especially have probelms with the
brain-frying stuffs. Anyway sorry I can't provide more insight. Just
registering my puzzlement along with you.

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