Sat, 3 Jun 2000 21:18:15 EDT

Wow, this was the fastest I finished any Gundam model. If I counted all the
days, I must say I finished it within 5 days at max. Yes, the Turn A Gundam
Kapool model is pretty decent. The kit itself was too easy, there were far
too little parts to the entire thing. And once you finish the kit, there's
like 12 PCV parts left. My first Turn A model too. The painting was by far
the easiest as well, just a few tiny spots to fill it, not that big of a deal.

There are four small runners includin the PC one. The colors are by far, the
worste matching that I've seen. You have to paint it to look half decent. I
think the front chest panels could be a little sturdier, it's kinda flimsy.

Gimmicks: Opening Chest Panel, Opening head panel, isn't that it?
Hands: Two normal "claws" and 2 standard PCV "Gundam" hands... who needs
Highs: Amphibious Mobile Suit!
Lows: Too easy, too stumpy
Grade: B

Uhh, I'll still work on the format of this thing, but I don't have the time
now. Anyways, these are the three kits I have waiting for me at the moment,
please help me choose one..

Wave's Virtual-On Temjin
Bandai's Turn A Gundam Sumo/Silver
Bandai's HGUC Guntank

~Andy Lee

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