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<< Now, on to the new Master Grades. How cool is the FAZZ Gundam? I have
 seen a pic of one of the super old kits, and it looks like it has
 arse-kicking potential, however the crappiness of the particular kit makes
 it hard to imagine what a MG would be like. I do LOVE that big Gun and the
 ammo belt feeding it. What kind of gun is that? >>

  I don't want a FAZZ, it's too darn bulky. I like less bulky. I would like
to have a V2 Gundam and a V Gundam MG kit. Even though a PG kit is a grueling
piece of work, I would love to have a V2 Gundam PG kit, one that can
transform, yet still be stable in MS mode. I would be happy with a
transforming MG kit of the V2 Gundam, as long as its stable in MS mode.

  I don't know what it is, but I just don't like most bulky mecha. I like how
the GP-03 is streamlined, but if it needs more fire power and armor, it can
dock with the Orchis. I am surprised we haven't seen a MG Kampfer kit yet,
doesn't the Alex need an opponent? I want a MG Nu Gundam, but yet we thought
with the release of the MG Alex, a Kamper wouldn't be far behind, didn't we?

  It seems one can never predict Bandai releases. I was shocked, but happy,
when we found out about the HG UC GP-01 kit. I hope we get a HG UC GP-03 and
Orchis combo.

  Anyone remember those old 3 3/4 GI Joes? Remember how one of those huge
planes costed about $70? Anyone remember that huge launch base with a space
shuttle? I used to have that, it was a Christmas gift when I was a kid, so do
not remember its price. If that can be done, so can the Orchis/GP-03 combo. I
figure this, in 1/144 scale, would be no more then $100-$125. Remember how a
lot of the bigger GI Joe vehicles where big, but hollow and almost all Joe
vehicles required assembly?

  There's not that many moving parts on the Orchis and the one's that do
move, like the missile bay doors, are not hard to make.


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