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Sat, 03 Jun 2000 17:48:56 PDT

Yes, no more religion on this ML (even though the discussion was spawned by
something Gundam related). I must say though, i did enjoy the discussion.
Its refreshing to talk about something deeper/intellectual than what 23yr
old college students usually talk about.

Now, on to the new Master Grades. How cool is the FAZZ Gundam? I have only
seen a pic of one of the super old kits, and it looks like it has
arse-kicking potential, however the crappiness of the particular kit makes
it hard to imagine what a MG would be like. I do LOVE that big Gun and the
ammo belt feeding it. What kind of gun is that?

>Subject: Re: [gundam] (OT)This is NOT good.
>Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 20:39:36 EDT
>In a message dated 6/3/00 7:39:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
><< I have to take issue with you here. Freedom of worship means just that.
> should respect the beliefs of others regardless of what they believe. In
> fact, I think that unless a person's beliefs infringe upon the rights of
> others, they should be respected. I've yet to see satanists lobbying for
> restriction of others' rights, whereas many, many christians would like
> see their opinions written into law on "moral" grounds. My friends run
> gamut of the religous spectrum, and, no matter what I might believe, they
> the benefit of the doubt and I respect their very persoanl religious
> It is hypocritical to expect tolerance of your own beliefs while
> simultaneously refusing to tolerate that of others. >>
> Smiley means I was joking, you know. Yes, all religion's should be
>respected, but what about if a religion practices human sacrifices? There
>bad religions, you know. There are religions I am sure that bothers lots of
>other religions. Yes, A religion should be respected as long as it does not
>infringe on others rights OR human rights OR is disrespectful to others
>religions. So, there is no truly evil or bad religion then? Some who
>Satan mock God and Christ, you know. I believe in God and Christ, but am
>really in a religious sect. I try my best to follow the rules of God. I do
>not agree with Satan worshipping, but I DO NOT want to "destroy/stop" it.
>Other people are free to believe as they want, just do not mock or make fun
>of others beliefs. I said tolerate and respect others beliefs, but you do
>have to respect and tolerate. You can tolerate someone's beliefs without
>respect for it. I.E. Someone's beliefs offend your beliefs and there's no
>in your heart you can respect their belief's, but you show your tolerance
>not saying anything and leaving them alone AND not trying/forceing them to
>believe in your beliefs.
> Do not call me hypocritical, especially when I was joking. The part
>Satan worship was a joke. I was not intending to make fun of Satan
>worshipping, was just trying to lighten the mood. I do not intend to be
>hypocritical. The benefit of a doubt is more tolerance then respect. Let's
>stop this here and now. I do not intend nor want to start a religious
>on a Gundam mailing list. If you want to further debate religion AND keep
>civil, please contact me off list. Let's avoid talking anymore about this
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