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<< I have to take issue with you here. Freedom of worship means just that.
 should respect the beliefs of others regardless of what they believe. In
 fact, I think that unless a person's beliefs infringe upon the rights of
 others, they should be respected. I've yet to see satanists lobbying for
 restriction of others' rights, whereas many, many christians would like to
 see their opinions written into law on "moral" grounds. My friends run the
 gamut of the religous spectrum, and, no matter what I might believe, they
 the benefit of the doubt and I respect their very persoanl religious choice.
 It is hypocritical to expect tolerance of your own beliefs while
 simultaneously refusing to tolerate that of others. >>

  Smiley means I was joking, you know. Yes, all religion's should be
respected, but what about if a religion practices human sacrifices? There are
bad religions, you know. There are religions I am sure that bothers lots of
other religions. Yes, A religion should be respected as long as it does not
infringe on others rights OR human rights OR is disrespectful to others
religions. So, there is no truly evil or bad religion then? Some who worship
Satan mock God and Christ, you know. I believe in God and Christ, but am not
really in a religious sect. I try my best to follow the rules of God. I do
not agree with Satan worshipping, but I DO NOT want to "destroy/stop" it.
Other people are free to believe as they want, just do not mock or make fun
of others beliefs. I said tolerate and respect others beliefs, but you do not
have to respect and tolerate. You can tolerate someone's beliefs without
respect for it. I.E. Someone's beliefs offend your beliefs and there's no way
in your heart you can respect their belief's, but you show your tolerance by
not saying anything and leaving them alone AND not trying/forceing them to
believe in your beliefs.

  Do not call me hypocritical, especially when I was joking. The part about
Satan worship was a joke. I was not intending to make fun of Satan
worshipping, was just trying to lighten the mood. I do not intend to be
hypocritical. The benefit of a doubt is more tolerance then respect. Let's
stop this here and now. I do not intend nor want to start a religious debate
on a Gundam mailing list. If you want to further debate religion AND keep it
civil, please contact me off list. Let's avoid talking anymore about this on


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