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Rodrick Su writes,

>Looking thru the mecha domain, I found a Zeta Plus Amuro Rey Custom mobile

  This Zeta Plus is an A type, though - that's the atmospheric version
used by the Kalaba. The idea is that Amuro was one of the elite pilots
who made up the Kalaba's Zeta Plus corps (isn't it supposed to be called
the 18th TFAS or something?). That's as per the Sentinel back story, anyway.

  On the other hand, in ZZ, when our heroes run into Hayato Kobayashi he
tells them that Amuro is in space at that point. Not clear what he's
doing there, let alone what kind of mobile suit he'd be using. But
supposedly there's a lot more going on in ZZ than we see on-screen - for
example, Shangrila is just one of dozens of colonies visited by Axis
forces at the start of the series.

>Well, judging by the amount of firepower and manpower they deployed against
>relative small New Desides rebellion, it would appear that EFF is most
>intent on cleaning house first, and worry about the external threat later.

  The amount of firepower deployed in Sentinel is more a reflection of
the creators' enthusiasm than the relative priority of New Desides versus
Axis. After all, the story was originally written to take place _after_
ZZ - the time frame was shifted forward when it was rewritten for the big
Sentinel book.

>Amuro Rey is probably deployed in the frontline
>fight against these former Titans who haven't given up arms yet.

  Though supposedly, the leftover Titans ended up joining forces with the
Axis around the middle of ZZ - you do see some Hizacks and Eyezacks in
the later episodes. The New Desides are Titans sympathizers, not Titans

-- Mark

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