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> are naturally going to be reflected in their art forms. People of one
> religion need to tolerate and respect the other's religion. As long as its
> not Devil worshipping, that is :)
> Aaron

I have to take issue with you here. Freedom of worship means just that. One
should respect the beliefs of others regardless of what they believe. In
fact, I think that unless a person's beliefs infringe upon the rights of
others, they should be respected. I've yet to see satanists lobbying for
restriction of others' rights, whereas many, many christians would like to
see their opinions written into law on "moral" grounds. My friends run the
gamut of the religous spectrum, and, no matter what I might believe, they get
the benefit of the doubt and I respect their very persoanl religious choice.
It is hypocritical to expect tolerance of your own beliefs while
simultaneously refusing to tolerate that of others.

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