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<< I just urge ALL people to check out anime before you
 start generalizing; just because you see some Hentai on a store shelf doesnt
 mean anime is out there to hook our youth. That's like saying watching
 Sesame Street is evil because it hooks our kids into watching TV so they can
 be bombarded with violence and sex later on. Sheesh. Sorry about this OT,
 but I feel I have to defend Christianity from those who GENERALIZE about us
 based upon the rantings of a very vocal minority. >>

  Exactly. People who GENERALIZE that have Power scare me, especially if it
is in the name of religion. There's usually an exception to a rule. They just
look at the surface of anime and do not get all the facts and a lot of times
do not get the actual facts of the topic they are talking about. Also, anime
is reflection of Japanese culture and their culture, religion, beliefs, etc.,
are naturally going to be reflected in their art forms. People of one
religion need to tolerate and respect the other's religion. As long as its
not Devil worshipping, that is :)


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