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<< Apparentally Mixx, who translated the Blue Destiny and Gundam Wing manga,
has apparentally fed up enough anime fans at last to make
notice. I figured this was going to happen sooner or later, they have some of
the most bizzare "Sound effects" I've ever seen in a comic book....kind of
seems like the old Batman TV show. >>

  Good. I bought Mixx's Blue Destiny trade paperback and thought the
translation was rough, even though I cannot read Japanese and therefore
haven't read the original. It was diffcult to understand the story. Is there
more to Blue Destiny?, as Mixx's translation seems unfinished, at the end of
the comic.

  Is Viz's Gundam comic translations good? If so, I'd much rather see the
Gundam comics done right by someone who can do them justice. I could be
wrong, be Mixx seems to be one of those companies that want to make money off
of something popular, without caring about the materials translation.


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