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Well, I have to disagree with you here. Christian is a broad term; it can
either mean one who is a member/follows a Christian faith, or it can mean
"Born Again", which is having a personal relationship with and accepting
Christ as your Lord and Savior. Please realize that "born again" Christians
arent the problem, it is the uncompassionate ones that give us all a bad
rap. Oh, and another thing; what good is your religion if you dont believe
it "IS" right and that everyone else is wrong? If you dont believe your
religion is right, then you really arent believing, if you think about it.
But i am with you in one thing; I wish these knee-jerk wackos would actually
study up on something before they open up their yappers...

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] (OT)This is NOT good.
>Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 20:00:22 GMT
>>From: "Chris Maier" <>
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>>Subject: [gundam] (OT)This is NOT good.
>>Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 16:27:48 -0400
>>Please check out this:
>>Some people really, really disgust me.
>*sighs* Having grown up in one of the most conservative fundamentalist
>regions of the US (California's Central Valley, I unfortunately have a bit
>of insight into the way that these people think, and it isn't pretty...
>The basic thing that we have to remember is that with fundamentalist
>christians, anything that they don't understand is something that has to be
>destroyed or persecuted. This is a belief system which derives it's
>teachings from what is a fundamentally flawed and biased interpretation of
>the Bible. (King James was not the most tolerant of people...) These
>people are ignorant. Not necessarily stupid, just ignorant. It's this
>ignorance that leads them to persecute homosexuals (anyone out there ever
>hear of 'Reverend' Fred Phelps? If not, contact me off list, and I'll tell
>you all about him...) , and is it any wonder that many Neo-Nazis and most
>the Ku Klux Klan come from the more conservative of christian religions
>(such as Pentecostal and other ultra-fundamentalist Baptist sects.) These
>people were raised believing in this tripe, and nothing is going to change
>this sort of thing... I wonder what they'd think if they knew that shows
>like Superbook were also considered anime... They also have an unfortunate
>bad habit of trying to force their morality on everyone else in the world.
>Sort of an "I'm right and no one else is" mentality. These people have
>almost a primal need to dictate what others think...
>Please note that this by no means is true of all Christians. I consider
>myself a Christian. I was raised in the Methodist Church, and still
>in the teachings of the Bible. However, I am NOT a 'Born Again' Christian,
>and I feel that most of these Born Again 'Christians' are forgetting the
>basic tenets of the religion, of which tolerance is a major part...
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