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No, the Palmtops are about 1/220, and I have series 1 and 2, still looking for 3 and 4 (with the Dom, Type 100, Z Gundam and Gelgoogs). The toys I am talking about are about 1 inch tall, they come in candy packages, kind of like a "prize" from cracker jack. Morinaga did a series, and Bandai did as well, there are countless SD series, but there are properly proportioned MS from 0079, Z Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Char's Counterattack, L Gaim, Patlabor, Dunbine, and I think Xabungle (I have seen the Iron Gear in a bulle toy machine in the US.) Think of these items like the toys in the quarter machines at the front of most US stores, with the junky one piece toys in them, rubber bugs and the like, and all those damn pokemon....... Any how, I want to use them as game pieces for a Gundam Simulation set I am trying to build for my nephew and myself. I have been trying to find someone I knew who could get them, but no one lives near a Japanese supermarket, so I was turing to the net. And I will pay well, within reason for as many different styles as I can get, I just don't want any SD, but ANY normal, MS or Mecha will do, like I say they average an inch tall, and I would call that about 1/550 scale for ease of refrence. Thanks again! I do really appreciate the effort!
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    Do you mean the palm-top series model kits? If you are, I believe there are some at and

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