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> > << Please check out this:
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> > Some people really, really disgust me.>>
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> > Let's stop this discussion before it starts.
> >
> > This has nothing to do with GUNDAM, and I don't give a damn what some
>ignorant person thinks of anime.
>Well actually it does, since wing was mentioned.


Brett's absolutely right. These people aren't the type to dry up and blow
away if they are ignored. Rather they become more vocal, as the ignorant
preachers and their even more ignorant followers find more and more reasons
to preach out. They've been doing this for years, not necessarily with
Anime, but with music too, as their persecution did not start with heavy
metal by any stretch of the imagination, but began way back with the
beginning of rock and roll. Likewise, they've been badmouthing Role Playing
Games for years as well. (Anyone remember what a bad reputation these jerks
have given that hobby?) Like I said in my earlier post, they live to force
their views on everyone. Look at (can of worms opening) the abortion
debate. Most of the most vocal of the Right to Life movement is made up of
Born Agains.

Basically, what I'm saying is that this is something that we as Anime fans
cannot ignore.

BTW, anyone out there remember the bad old days, when Anime Expo was held at
the same time and the same site as the Kenneth Copeland Crusade in Anaheim?
If you do, then you should understand where I'm coming from...
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