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At 14:54 6/2/2000, you wrote:
>Seeing all these posts the past few days have got me thinking. I'm really
>surprised at some of the picks of actors who don't even remotely resemble
>the characters.
>I tried to give some somewhat "serious" thought as to who I would cast in a
>GUNDAM live action if the cameras were to roll tomorrow.
>I've included links to a few of these actors and hope you'll check them out
>an let me know what you think.

Considering that the majority of actor picks have been too old by far,
because most of us are thinking about the actor not as s/he is now but was
10 to 20 years ago in a particular role in a particular film, perhaps we
should give the live action idea a rest and shift to something more cogent.

"Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about
it!" The same could be said for dubbed anime. Everyone agrees that it
sucks, but how would you do it differently?

As Tom notes above, many of the actors don't really resemble the anime
characters physically, but there seems to be a common thread of acting
style, personality, previous similar characterizations, and vocal quality
that suggest that we may be unconsciously casting voices as much as
anything else.

Granted that even quality dubbing with celebrity actors, as was done with
Transformers The Movie and Princess Mononoke, has its detractors and
nit-pickers, who would you want to do the voices for an English dubbed Gundam?

It wouldn't matter that the actor is five times as old as the character is
they can get the voice to convince you otherwise. June Foray has played
rugrats (and old ladies, smurfs, and flying squirrels) since 1950 and will
be 81 this September.


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