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Hrmm, It may seem so, but then again, before the alternate universes, the Gundam was only awarded to the ace pilot (or the starring role). Whereas the alternate universes were a Gundam giveaway fest... maybe that appeals??? But in Japan, the best selling series is still by far the first Gundam series. There are more RX78s out there than anything!!! (that's also why there are sooooo many editions of it!)
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  Of all the sites I've come across looking for Gundam models, it seems that while there is a lot of UC available, G, Wing, and X kits seem to be selling out. Now, for Wing, this is no surprise, but I find it interesting that fans are being drawn to the G and X kits. Maybe it's because of their fanciful design- I know a group of GW fans who have taken up an interest in G for this reason. Or it could just be their realitive newness, for instance, the 08th MS team series is also selling well in America. It just seems that HGUC and other UC kits seem to be sitting around while the alternate universes, with the exception of Turn A, are sucessful. For instance, I order GM command, God Gundam, Airmaster Burst and Gundam Leopard Destroy from http://www.animenation.com.
   I did get the GMs, but the others winded up on backorder, although they are not officially "Out Of Stock".

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