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>Looking thru the mecha domain, I found a Zeta Plus Amuro Rey Custom mobile
>suit. Now, Between Zeta and CCA, Amuro probably got re-integrated back into
>Earth Federation Force. What was he doing in ZZ? It seemed that AEUG lead
>EFF only bother to send Agahma against the Neo Zeon while they were
>concentrating on something more important. And they pretty much give into
>Haman's demand without too much of a fight by dissolved the puppet
>government of Zeon Republic.
>Well, judging by the amount of firepower and manpower they deployed against
>relative small New Desides rebellion, it would appear that EFF is most
>intent on cleaning house first, and worry about the external threat later.
>Gryps Conflict is for all intent and purpose, a EFF civil war with AEUG
>faction winning. And with the demise of the main Titan faction, mopped up
>and de-Titanization process of suspected Titan members and sympathizers is
>first on their priority. Amuro Rey is probably deployed in the frontline
>fight against these former Titans who haven't given up arms yet.

I always thought that Amuro had a Z+ because he simply helped design and
refine the original Zeta....

- Roger



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