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Thanks for posting this James, I am a fellow Christian who happens to like
anime too. Ive been watching Gundam & macross for like 15 years now, and
back when I was a preteen-teenager, boy did I have some arguments with
fellow youth group members and youth group leaders over the "intent" of
anime. Now that I am old and am an adult like my old Youth leader, he
understands this whole thing better. The problem isnt with Christianity,
it's with people generalizing. Christians are not dumb "Sheep", as someone
has attested to on this ML, but there are a lot of us who are very
reactionary, and with the screwed up state of the world these days, I cant
say I blame them. I just urge ALL people to check out anime before you
start generalizing; just because you see some Hentai on a store shelf doesnt
mean anime is out there to hook our youth. That's like saying watching
Sesame Street is evil because it hooks our kids into watching TV so they can
be bombarded with violence and sex later on. Sheesh. Sorry about this OT,
but I feel I have to defend Christianity from those who GENERALIZE about us
based upon the rantings of a very vocal minority.

>The problem isn't with Christianity itself, it is with the insane
>Fundamentalism that has taken root. Jesus wanted his followers to love
>people, not judge them. And he was always hanging out with "sinners"
>because the sick need a doctor. But now some Christians want to isolate
>themselves from the world and condemn everyone who disagrees with them. I
>a Christian, and I love Gundam. I honestly don't see any "Satanic" things
>Gundam at all. Would I encourage people to go to church, not really. Know
>God yes, but conform to the hypocrisy, no.
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