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<< >People like that are so brainwashed. I've had two perfectly normal friends
>become total idiots after joining churches who use language like "Murder
>Games" and "Occult influences". One of them left his wife because she was
>much of a Heathen. (IE: she didn't take the Love, honor and OBEY thing
>literally enough.) And the other won't let his kids go trick or treating
>becaues Halloween is "Satanic". I don't have time for ignorant sheep.
 Hehehe, while at the movies tonight, this dude came up to me and tried to
 invite me to go to his church. I told him that I go to the Church of Satan,
 that shut him up for good.
>---Brett (Listening to Judas priest at top volume) Jensen
 "Breaking the law, breaking the law!"
The problem isn't with Christianity itself, it is with the insane
Fundamentalism that has taken root. Jesus wanted his followers to love
people, not judge them. And he was always hanging out with "sinners"
because the sick need a doctor. But now some Christians want to isolate
themselves from the world and condemn everyone who disagrees with them. I am
a Christian, and I love Gundam. I honestly don't see any "Satanic" things in
Gundam at all. Would I encourage people to go to church, not really. Know
God yes, but conform to the hypocrisy, no.


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